Esoteric initiative tidings of higher, philosophical degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Right of Freemasonry are rich, multilayered and inspiring. It allows us, the poor mortal beings fumbling in the dark, to penetrate deeper into the recesses of the soul, to look out for a moment through the curtain of creation, to step over the ruins of dogmatic columns, to bow humbly before the conscious mind of one’s own ignorance.
Ninety years ago, our predecessors through building a new state were changing the history, and they committed their lives, devoted their goals and their dreams towards the foundation and flourishing the Supreme Council of 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite for Czechoslovakia and building the Czechoslovak Freemasonry. They longed for to be “the guardians, warriors and propagators of pure humanity”, they sought to be “torchbearers of national pacifism in our country, to propagate ideals of humanity and democracy” and they strived to be „a tool of Masonic understanding between members of different obedience.” For these noble ideals, truth and justice, to which they always remained faithful, they were harassed, oppressed, and persecuted, and many of them laid their lives in this eternal battle.
However, the light has been preserved, the torch was handed over so that the dreams and hopes could be resurrected, and twenty years ago the legendary Phoenix proudly roused from the ashes.
We were, are and shall be a self-reliant organism, the living body of Scottish Rite, whose tradition and mission survives within us, is appealing to ourselves and awakens us. Each of us is being symbolically transformed and honed through various rituals to either a servant of the Good or fighters of Justice or Knights of Honours. We are all jointly and severally a part of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of our predecessors and of our successors, we strive after its ideals, we dream about them, we remain faithful to them, and God is our law!

Deus Meumque Jus!

Sovereign Grand Commander